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Perifer CVK Tränare

Perifer CVK Tränare

Pris exkl. moms: 8.413,00 kr
  • Model presented in supine position with arm at 90 degree angle to body
  • Movable chin simulates occlusion of jugular
  • Anatomically correct cephalic, basilic, and median basilic veins, jugular, subclavian, and superior vena cava
  • Palpable ribs allow measurement of proper catheter length externally
  • Replaceable arm skin allows visualization of veins
  • Standard IV catheter placement
  • Distal tip of catheter viewable in the superior vena cava
  • Infusable veins allow realistic blood return in flashback chamber

Includes: Lightweight torso with moveable chin, complete vein set, fluid bag and tubing, supply case and carry case