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SimPad PLUS SkillR IE

SimPad PLUS SkillR IE

Artikelnummer: 206-30033

Pris exkl. moms: 15.708,00 kr
Pris inkl. moms: 19.635,00 kr

Förväntat leveransdatum 11/10/2021


  • SimPad PLUS Device With activated SkillReporter software.
  • AC Power supply (Power and charger).
  • USB Micro A to USB B cable between (discontinued) QCPR manikins and SimPad.
  • SimPad PLUS sleeve (protective case for SimPad PLUS).
  • USB cable - attaches SimPad PLUS to PC for updates and downloads.
  • Wrist Strap for SimPad PLUS.
  • User Guide.
  • Important Product Information.
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